We are now welcoming back Racegoers to our first floor facilities, but on a limited capacity due to a severe flood in late 2023. Please check the individual ticketing page for availability and please purchase in advance of the race meeting.




26 January 2024

Following flooding from the River Greet in October, Southwell Racecourse is pleased to confirm the next step in its partial reopening from Saturday 24 February.

With repairs to the extensive flood damage across the site continuing, Southwell Racecourse will be able to offer access for up to 100 members of the public, alongside Racehorse Owners, Annual Members and associated staff, at all fixtures from Saturday 24 February.

Following this, we are now able to offer access for up to 150 members of the public at all fixtures from 4th April until 29th April.

Further work on the public facilities at Southwell continues, with the aim to return to full operation as soon as possible in the coming months.

Southwell Racecourse Executive Director, Mark Clayton, said, “The damage caused by Storm Babet last October was devastating for the Racecourse, but I have to thank all of the team here who have been working incredibly hard to deliver our staged return to normal operation.

“To be able to start racing again in the first instance, with all of the work required in repairing our turf and tapeta racing surfaces alongside the installation of temporary facilities, was a big step for us.

“We acknowledge that whilst the number of public tickets that we are able to make available is relatively small, it is equally represents another step forward. The damage, particularly to the ground floor of the Grandstand, the bars, kitchens and other facilities located there was extensive, but the renovation work continues and we look forward to a return to full operation as soon as possible”.

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